Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Does anybody hear her, Can anybody see or does anybody even know she's going down today?"

My week was going so good. College is completely different. My best friend is coming home today and my boy friend wasn't ignoring but moving into a different foster home. Football game is tomorrow and I'll be with all my friends.
But the first sentence said was! I missed my shower this morning trying to finish homework for tomorrow (which I didn't finish) and being attacked by my brother. Then I had to leave to hang with my family and my brother wouldn't stop misbehaving. Doesn't sound like to horrible of a morning but I broke down. Got alone and cried, could barley breathe. Felt like everything was falling apart. I waited for the call to say my best friend was home but it's 10:30 tonight and he's still not home.
It's the little things that break me down and the ones around don't even NOTICE.