Thursday, May 29, 2014

Best Friends

I guess we just dont get it. Its not about dating, its about being best friends. Can we go back to blasting youtube videos in the car at midnight? Can we go back to JROTC with all our friends and the inside jokes. Because really black hawk down is terrifying! Can we go back to the airshow? Or your 21st birthday at the mall and hooters? Remember you dancing on the table? Can we go back to running when I'd scream I'd hate you a thousand times and you'd make me keep running anyways? It always ended with me telling you I love you after we crossed the finish line. Can we go back to you giving me your jacket because it was freezing even though I refused it? I want you to blast your car radio in an empty parking lot and attempt to teach me to dance though it's a lost cause. I want to go back to my first ever slow dance in the 9th grade when the cute boy said I couldn't go the whole Military Ball without dancing. I want to fight over candy in my bedroom. I'd even take a famous Ryan lecture right now. I could use someone to tell me how silly I acted yesterday. I want my best friend back. All this craziness about dating is stupid, cause in the end your my bff.