Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Irrational, yeah I am, more than your average girl.
That's no reason to dismiss my feelings and belittle me though.
     My whole life I've put up with snide remarks and people that are suppose to care overlooking my "dramatic feelings." I'm pretty much done with that. I know my feeling are extreme and silly at times but that's actually how it feels to me. I can't help it, its called BIPOLAR. It's a disease, I can't cure it.
    Therefore if you want to be in this twisted life, then you have to deal with it. No you don't have to agree with it but at least show compassion instead of putting up an argument in the middle of my thought process. My emotions, extreme as they are, feel so real to me and they are NOT to be belittled. I need people in my life that can understand that statement.
   I'm done with people that can't handle this, So decided if your with me or if your walking away like so many before you.