Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let me Go

I'm in search of something real. And to final face my fear I have to say maybe that's not you. I need you to let me go because I just can't walk away and you won't let me either. Our generation is focused on hook ups and drama but that's not what I want. I don't want to look back on waste time and regret my life. I need to break free of our memories and stop holding on to childish dreams. I need to take chances on something real instead of wasting life on an unrealistic fantasy. Your my childhood fairy tale but Im not a princess, I'm a small town girl trying to find her place in this world. It ain't far to keep me hanging around saying that you care while you watch me drown. We both say were heart broken and given up on love but there's a differences. You have friends and people to support you. You have other people you are close to you. But all I ave is you. My parents didn't want me, my friends don't really care and the worst part of it all is my other "best friends" don't even know me. I spent my whole life based around you and know I'm broken. It's 3 am pouring rain and my cigarette is going out. The songs tonight are sad, like I have been for several months. I've become good at faking while at night I pray for daylight. I'm search for something real and If that's not you please Let me Go!