Thursday, January 2, 2014

The One

I've learned people come and people go
And not too many stick around.
I've learned this can turn a person cold
And cause too much misery.

But I've also learned. . .
Not to let the negative define you.
That it's easy to give up. .
But more fulfilling to move forward.

So many people just walk away,
And I use to just shut down
Every single fucking time,
But not this time. . .

This time, I realize some people
are just that way.
Some people just aren't worth the time,
But they'll be others.

Life is full of twist and turns,
Doubts and plenty of confusion.
Don't get me wrong,
Having walls are fine.

But eventually you'll find,
the one one willing to stay.
The one that is patient,
and see's past those carefully built walls.

Do not lose hope,
but stay selective.
So many will leave,
But its worth the one that stays