Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Have you ever...

Have you ever wanted to just be someone else? The thought of getting in your car and driving to a new location where your name is unknown and your face is just a mystery. Where you can be whoever you want to be, dye your hair, change your clothes and just be someone else. That seems to be my dream way to often but then I see a shooting star.
Have you ever wished you could be that bright playful person you were before your innocence was ripped away? Or maybe you just want to go back to where every night was something new, you just jumped in the passenger seat and went wherever. You smiled and laughed and learned new games. The winter where the cold wasn't too bad and leaves blowing were inspirational, along with the brown guitar.
Have you ever wanted to thank someone for memories? Someone that's no longer around and neither is the feeling but just a moment of those butterflies were enough to last a lifetime. Remember driving around with no place to go or walking the beach at night.
Does the radio ever put you right back into that place? Like right now "Red" is reminding me of all the passion. Ever wonder if you were onto something when you thought life was something more than just yourself, the notion two is better than one? Ever wanted matching jerseys but afraid one would be better than the other?

Ever wonder what would've happened if things were different? If drugs didn't exist and a heart could break even. Ever wanted to just go out drinking and have a good time to forget it all?
I do, all of these, I do. I write to admit my feelings, to banish my pride, to say I'm sorry!