Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I ventured into the city ready to take on the world, but what happened? I stepped into a city, a shy but outgoing girl who kept her head in books and wore her heart on her sleeve. She was praised for her loyalty and ability to overcome challenges. Where did that girl end up? What happened to her? The girl in the mirror now is green with envy and the first one to yell a hurtful word. She became a monster, that she created. She pushed away the most amazing boy with all her new fears. She spit venom at the girl that wanted nothing but a friend. She made it all about her to the guy that just wanted someone to listen. She became a monster to her a friends. She drank to forget the pain, instead of rising above it. She cut down others to lift her self up. She stopped reading to party. She became the girl she had always made fun of. She became her own worst enemy. Who is this girl in mirror? She owes apologies for what this monster has done and she needs to find herself again. Where am I? What have I done?
Its time to say sorry and go back to my books, my writing. I miss that shy girl with the crazy emotions that just made her so real and lovable. I'm sorry to myself but more so to all the people i hurt along the way. Summer is a time for winding down and finding the bookworm that I lost. next fall will be a completely different story. I promise.