Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best Ones

" Show Me What It's Like To Be The Last One Standing... Hurry Please I'm Falling"

My Mind is soo scattrerd I believe I'm going mad
"Am I Mad?"
Yes but let me tell you a secret...All the best ones are!"

I still despise her, I no longer have a reason but still I have the overwhelming erg to knock her flat on her fat butt. Saturday she'll be in my state and I'm seeing her fiancee. This should be a good show for the devil... Hope he has enough popcorn!

The lies are building up and soon will crash into reality. Fate laughs while I continue to run from three things that will catch up to me. Will I lose my mom, grandma and boyfriend???

I miss my friends, I need them. Mostly just the best friend. He always knows what to say but he is so proud I'm not crazy anymore, could I really survive letting him down again?

As you see I'm going mad and I don't believe I'm one of the BEST ONES