Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second Chance

You and I walk a fragile line I have know this all the time but I never thought I'd see it break"

I feel like apologizing to everyone lately. The past is very haunting, looking back I can't even believe that it was me doing those things. Everyone was just a pawn in my twisted game. The aftermath though is a lose. The people I step over deserve so much better and I hate that they keep forgiving me. Can't they see I'm no good, that they are wonderful guys that deserve the best and not some twisted girl. I love my boyfriend and everything was going so well. The letters to Daniel didn't bother him at all but I'm sure the new responses do. I can't lose him, He is my other half, the one I love and everything important to me. But Daniel was an amazing friend that I... never mind that's not the point. What if we could be friends again? Love and Loyalty are put to the test, can I defeat my own game by stopping playing games or am I even worth the second chance?