Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins

Their Deadly for a reason, they kill. Some physical, others mentally but the result is always the same, Death. Lots of people suffer from a deadly sin and it slowly destroys their life.

Confession Time: I suffer from Lust.
I want to flirt, I do flirt.
I want to do the wrong thing so I do.
Live in the moment.
Only think of myself and not how it will effect others
I Love my Boyfriend, but i just cheated on him
Lust is a deadly sin, its is tearing me apart and killing me inside. The only solution I see is suicide but I'm too greedy to rid the world of my lust... yet another deadly sin.

Is there forgiveness and am I worth it? Is there a better solution and can I find it? I need a hero but is anyone willing? Can death be avoided after flirting with deadly sins?