Monday, October 31, 2011

Redemption: Heather

Description for one of the two main characters in my book Redemption.

That stupid Cheer Bitch always ruins everything. Her touch torches shit under her red and white spirit nails. Her voice pains my bleeding ears and she defiantly processes the “looks to kill.” Blonde hair, Blue eyed, perfect figure Cheer captain but don’t let that fool you, her tiny body burst with evil to a higher extent than an actual blood thirsty wolf, (which is her mascot).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


insanity is crawling beneath my skin, I just can't hide from the overwhelming madness! This confident, cool rocker chick character will only last so long. Such a fool to believe this play would last. The truth is I'm insane and the knife offers the balance I need. But will this reveal the actress behind the curtain? Will he walk away or will the insanity push him away?Will things ever be ok?!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Typical or Not-So-Typical Tennage Deviance

I hate you!

Well it's more like I hate how you make me think.
I know I should've been with you instead of your best friend, it's pretty obvious looking back and we both can easily see it.  Well lets back this up to the start...

      2 Boys competing over the cute but insecure rocker chick. How much simpler does it get? Of course the girl chooses the wrong one, typical story. She falls for the one who constantly uses her and takes advantage of her but its ok because he choose her over all the other girls. She knew both guys liked her which made her feel amazing but as I said she choose the wrong one, the one with the most game, isn't that how it usually works?
     Next chapter things begin to really start up, the climax you might say. The rocker chick becomes a pothead toy while the other guy finds another girl... a smarter one if you might say. Of course this doesn't fly well with our main character, she has to go after him and prove she can get what she shouldn't have, it's that rebellious streak. Average story she gets his attention, he decides to hook up with her... but her insecurities and morals get the best of her and whatever did happens is written off as a dream.
    A few chapters and deviant actions later the poor chick has twisted her reality into all the things she promised she never would be and left for a new adventure. She called her friend a few times but he was never home, wrote a letter that was never returned; she assumed her story had ended quite tragically. Months later though she is back in the same town struggling to keep her rebellion and practice her morals. Stuck up her old friends would call this "new" character. But he shows up after an incident she didn't know how to solve. He flung around words and proved he knew her better than she remembered but as the story goes she had already started a new life, this could be just another dream that never happened but than again the thoughts are swirling around her mind and that rebellious streak is dying to come out, for what is a rocker chick without her rebellion? The end?